Best Top 10 Keyword Research Tools 2021

Keyword research tools

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Before jumping into Keyword Research Tool, let’s first understand two things. Which are- 1) What is Keyword Research? And 2) Why is Keyword Research important?

What is Keyword Research?

Every day people enter specific terms to solve their queries in the Search Engine. And, as a Digital Advertiser, it’s important to study those search terms. This activity of studying the keywords is called Keyword Research. It helps in ranking your posts or website higher when optimized well. And is one of the important parts of the SEO process.

Why is Keyword Research important?

Doing proper research on keywords is a fundamental part of your online business. This helps in bringing more traffic to your website. That is to say, your business or your blog posts will be more visible to the visitors.


Here are the best Keyword Research Tools that will work best for your business.


Some of them are-

Google seo tools

  • Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a Google Keyword Research Tool. And the best reason to use this tool is that Google directly supplies all the data. 

(Hence, it’s befitting)

To get access to Keyword Planner, you should have a Google Ads account first.

The Keyword Planner Tool is designed for search ads. The features measure on cost-per-click and competitive ad analysis. Besides, the tool shows average monthly search volumes, the level of competition, and keyword ideas. Options are available to filter and refine your keywords.

best keyword research tool

  • Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free keyword research tool. It provides better insights that help to boost and expand content marketing strategies.

Its features work out in the following way-

Type your seed word in the search bar and you will get a location drop down on the left. You can change the country’s location depending on your business operation.

Once you hit the keyword, you will get access to more detailed information. That includes search volume over the past 12 months, CPC rate, Paid Difficulty (PD), and SEO Difficulty (SD).

And as you scroll down, you will get a view of Content Ideas. This segment will give you an idea of the kind of posts that your viewers are looking for. Besides this, you also get an overview of the estimated visits and the number of backlinks. 

keyword research tools

  •  Answer The Public

Answer the public is an awesome keyword research tool for SEO. It discovers questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabetical and related searches. And that will guide you with combined recommended keywords from Google and Bing. 

It helps generate blog article ideas for writers and bloggers. Moreover, it provides useful phrases and questions which searchers are looking for.

Keyword research tool

  • SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

SEMrsush is a practical best SEO keyword research tool that helps in SERP ranking. After entering the keyword it will tell the complete story. This encompasses monthly search volume, keyword variations, connected keywords, search trends, and a lot more.


In the Domain Overview section, you can enter your competitor’s website. This gets you a clear picture of their organic search term, keyword statistics, and other organic traffic scales. It comes up with a whole lot of data that works for PPC too.

keyword research tool

  • Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a dynamic keyword research toolkit yet easily manageable. The attributes of this keyword research tool are to a point identical with SEMrush.

Ahrefs’ keyword explorer presents keyword ideas and an entire list of keyword suggestions. Apart from this, it lets you with keywords that your competitors are trying to position with. With this, you can construct new content ideas.

Besides, Ahrefs gives you the option for Site Audit, Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer, Content Explorer, and Rank Tracker. 

  • Google

The most popular search engine Google is a robust and free keyword research tool.  Google opens the door to a myriad of keyword databases and also content ideas. Utilizing this free tool can optimize your content into a  researched piece of work.

The various features found in Google Search make it a brilliant research tool. The features are-

  • Search Suggestions-  When you enter a keyword in the search bar google displays a list of various suggestions. And those are the words that most people are looking for. For eg. If you search for the word  “Digital Marketing” it will show suggestions like “Digital Marketing Tools”, “Digital Marketing trends”, “Digital Marketing Agency”, and many more.
  • Related Searches- This feature is available at the bottom of the SERP. It gives you an idea of the trends that people are searching for with the keywords you provided for.
  • People Also Ask- This section will assist you with suggestions in the form of questions. This gives you an idea of the solutions that people are searching for.
  • Google Trends

Google Trends as a keyword research tool displays the popularity of a search query. Trends give a better picture by fetching only the data for popular search terms.

As you type in the keyword, you will get a “related queries” section, related topics, and growing popularity. Also, it will let you know which keyword is trending if you type in another keyword in the compare section.

  • Youtube Autocomplete

Youtube Autocomplete mechanism works in the same way as Google Autocomplete or Google Suggests. This feature was meant for the better convenience of the user. As you type in a query or a term in the search bar, it displays a list of recommended keywords in the dropdown list. This shows what Youtube users are searching for related to your niche.

moz keyword research tool

  • Moz Keyword Explorer

The Moz Keyword Explorer comes up with the best features and can be counted as the best keyword research tool. It gives a list of advanced keywords with some extraordinary features in it.

The features are-

  • It gives related keyword suggestions
  • Free trial period for 30 days
  • Priority score and Organic CTR
  • Largest High-Quality Database 
  • Accurate volume estimates
  • Exploration on SERP
  • Quora

Quora is a completely free and easy-to-use tool for keyword research. It’s a platform where people arise questions and get relatable quality answers to them. It works as a problem-solving platform in one way. 

Not many are aware that quora work as a keyword research tool. But it does and contributes to finding out the keywords. Enter the queries or the search term or a question and it will display a section of long-tail keywords along with the answers.

What will be the keyword research tool for your business?

The above-mentioned top 10 tools would guide you to choose what works best for you. And if you need any help feel free to contact our service team at Digibrilliance.

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