7 Effective Ways to Use Instagram Reels for your Business

instagram reels for business

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Instagram Reels are one of the most popular social media formats right now. Instagram Reels has garnered positive feedback from influencers, brands, and users even after getting trolled for being a copycat version of TikTok. Reels have given businesses and marketers new ways to use Instagram for business, which has long been a crucial medium for them. The format is interesting, and it has a wide reach and discoverability, allowing marketers to swiftly grow their audiences.

There’s a lot to gain when it comes to using Instagram Reels for business. In this blog, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the format, including how to produce exceptional Reels that will help you find your target audience and grow your business digitally.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short engaging videos for up to 60 seconds.

Reels, like TikTok, provides a collection of editing tools for users to produce engaging and entertaining video content. Multiple video/image clips, filters, captions, interactive backgrounds, stickers, and other elements can all be used in a reel.

The Reels icon at the bottom of the Instagram app’s home page can be used to get access to a tab full of trending Reels, which is scrollable. The Reels of an individual user can be found in a tab above the account’s Feed. 

What should be the size of Instagram Reels?

You don’t have to worry about the size of your reel if you’re making them on the move and recording your video footage with the reel’s camera. 

If your reels incorporate uploaded footage, make sure your files are the proper size and dimension to avoid a fuzzy and oddly cropped final output.


Reels are a mobile-first format, similar to Stories, and are designed to fill the entire vertical screen. Reels have an aspect ratio of 9:16 and a recommended resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels.

Instagram Reels Analytics:

You should keep track of your Reels’ performance to see if they’re meeting your expectations and engaging the audience. Instagram makes it simple. Reels metrics are available in Instagram Insights for Business and Creator accounts.

Following are the performance metrics related to reels:

  • Accounts Reached: This measure indicates the number of unique Instagram users who have seen your Reel at least once.
  • Plays: This shows how many times your reel has been played. Because some viewers may watch your reel multiple times, it could be larger than the number of accounts reached.
  • Likes: This indicates how many people have liked your Reel.
  • Comments: The total number of comments on a specific Reel.
  • Saves: You will be able to know the number of times your reel is saved by users.
  • Shares: The number of times Instagram users have shared it in their story or have sent it to another user.

You can also analyze individual reel performance in Instagram Reel Insights.

7 Effective Ways to use Instagram Reels for your Business :

1. Stay up to date with Instagram Reel Trends

One of the most important and easiest ways to grab attention and engage your audience is through trending reels. Spending a few minutes on the platform will make you aware of all the trending audio clips, music, and videos. You can also search for #trendingreels to reveal all the ongoing trends on the platform.

By blending your brand with an existing trend, your videos will be able to gain more views and easily incorporate your brand message with the content that is already booming among all the users on the platform.

2. Add Prominent Text to your Reels

Because the first thing a viewer will notice before reading your caption is your video, including a prominent headline is a good idea. If you include a headline in your video, viewers will readily stop to look at your reels. A compelling headline will quickly inform readers about the content of the reel and capture their attention.

3. Including Context in your Caption

You can’t include every information in the reels as it will then dominate your entire reel screen which might not be appealing to your audience. Captions will aid Instagram’s algorithm in deciphering what you’re posting and serving it to the appropriate audience. Captions are a terrific spot to include CTAs (Call To Action) such as inviting viewers to contact you or directing them to a special offer.

4. Educating the Viewers

Offering some useful information or a solution to a problem is just as vital as delivering amusing content, especially if you want to raise brand awareness. It’s a fantastic approach for your business. It depicts your brand as genuine and trustworthy when you provide a solution and educate your customers. You can create reels about brief tutorials, do-it-yourself projects, give tips and advice, and anything else that is related to your business.

5. Creating Insider/Behind-The-Scenes Content

Sharing some insider content will make your audience feel as if they know everything there is to know about your brand. It explains who you are and why you’re selling whatever it is, to your Instagram followers. Reels about “how it’s made” or “behind the scenes” can make you appear more genuine and will foster relationships with your target audience. Below are some suggestions you can try-

  • Show about your process for selecting materials for your product
  • Demonstrate how items are made
  • Share your team’s day-to-day activities
  • Share your brand’s origin story, including how you came up with your business concept and the challenges you’ve faced

6. Promote Products/New Releases of your Brand

Your reels can reach people even if they are not following you. Hence, it is important to create content that highlights both your products and your brand’s new releases. Your brand might profit from using Instagram Reels to market items since they can create short, compelling content that drives promotion. Create a reel that features your product and show how to use it and includes a text description. This will entice viewers to follow the brand while increasing audience engagement. 

7. Share Sales Growth and Offers

Sharing your progress on the platform is a terrific go-to tactic if you want your business to reach a large audience online. Create reel content that shows how much money your company has made and how well it is doing. Also, inform them of any special offers and discounts that are accessible. Use reels to announce sales and exclusive deals.


For businesses looking to expand their audiences, Instagram Reels provides a unique opportunity. This feature enables users on the platform to discover new brands easily and has a high level of engagement. Make sure you’re getting the most out of this format by regularly creating and sharing reel content and experimenting with what works best for your audience. Remember to stay genuine and not commercialize your content too much. 

To know more about Instagram. Check out the details here.

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