How to use Instagram Hashtags for followers in 2021?

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Instagram post hashtags are the key that opens the door to boost your followers. Applying the right hashtags would help to reach your target audiences. As good as it does it can also cause damage to your business posts. And that happens if you use it in an incorrect way. For example, your audience might decrease. And also Instagram can punish you for violating the algorithms.

For that reason, it’s better to know and understand what works the best. That is getting an insight into how things work. For this, you should follow the right hashtag strategies. And applying some thoughtful approaches would do wonders for you.

The hashtags for Instagram are not only fabricated for posts. You can add them in stories, comments, reels, and IGTV videos.

If you are wondering how these hashtags work.  Then you are at the right spot!  Because we are sharing the best practices of Instagram Hashtags for followers. So, you can administer the most effective tactics, to boost your followers. And that will grow your Instagram Business Account.


How do hashtags for Instagram followers posts work?

We create hashtags by prefixing the hash symbol with words, numbers, and emojis. For eg. #instagood. It becomes clickable text and searchers can dig into more relatable public posts. Hence, applying the appropriate hashtags would pull more targeted audiences.  

Instagram understands the importance of hashtags. And for that purpose, it has broadened the serviceability of this tool.

So, where are hashtags implemented?

  • Instagram Bios- Brands use clickable hashtags in their Instagram bios.
  • Instagram Stories- Adding stories on Instagram comes with extra features. And that includes a hashtag sticker.

More than that, Instagram users can follow the hashtag pages. That provides better chances for your content to get a wider reach. The hashtagged posts will appear on their feed. Even though they have not followed you (so far).


The best hashtags for Instagram posts :

Depending on the volume of competition, Instagram hashtags are of two types. They are high and low competition hashtags. High-competition hashtags have a larger volume compared to low-competition hashtags. And, the best way is to mix up both these hashtags. As it helps to reach a diversified amount of people.


Broadly speaking, we can fragment Instagram hashtags into 9 types:

  • Industry Hashtags

#Photographer #RealEstate #Gym #Fashion #OOTD #DigitalMarketing #blogger

Industry hashtags are not associated with the posts. And I mean in a straightforward way. But, they show relevancy. And that can boost interaction among the users. Also, it’s one way to get publicity for the related industry. For this purpose use 1 or 2 industry hashtags. And combine it with other hashtags. Why? Because they are very high in the competition.


  • Niche Hashtags

#weddingphotographer #travelblogger #makeupartist #instagrammarketing 

Niche hashtag is an important part of social media marketing strategy. As it helps your posts to reach the targeted audiences. That means better reach and engagements.

You should use more than 2 niche hashtags for your Instagram content. 


  • Branded Hashtags

#amazonprime #gucci #nikeshoes #hudabeauty 

Branded hashtags are a mixture of the brand name prefix by the hash. It is associated with your company name or product name. 


  • Community Hashtags

#gardenersofinstagram #mytravelgram

Community hashtags aim to connect with like-minded people. In fact, they form a tribe that connects to one another on a particular topic. That is it helps in building a community and better engagements.

  • Location Hashtags

#kolkatarestaurants #atlantafitness #sydneyphotographers

Location hashtags help your users to find you easily. Because your competitions are very low. But, it doesn’t mean that your post won’t get exposure. The right people who truly matter would get engaged in your posts.

If your business is based in a specific location. Then it’s crafted for you in the right way. And that creates a way to build location awareness!


  • Event Hashtags

#superbowl #cannesfilmfestival 

This strategy makes it easy to connect and target people. And by people, I mean those attending the event. Event hashtags fall in the low-high competition category. It’s recommended to add only the event-related hashtags.

  • Celebration Hashtags

#Halloween #mother’sday #christmas2020 #diwali 

Celebration hashtags spark more engagement and connection. You should add this hashtag for popularity and get more views.


  • Acronym Hashtags


Acronym hashtags are in trend among Instagram users. But, you should put the correct acronym. You can’t add #OOTD on a post related to accessories. So, put it wisely. 


  • Emoji Hashtags

#sunny🌞 #Flowers🎕 #rainnyweather☔ #😍😍 #😍💗 #pizza🍕

These attractive hashtags include hash followed by words with emojis. Or only emojis with hash. 

Since you have learned the different types of hashtags, the next step is how to add them. For this, you have to use 30 hashtags for regular posts and 10 for Insta stories. If you skip this golden rule it would not appear on the hashtag pages. The best way is to conduct experiments and discover what works the best for you.

Besides, another effective way is to study the hashtags of your competitor. And also the ones used by your audiences. 


best hashtags for instagram

Best hashtags for Instagram likes in 2021


  1.  #FollowMe
  2. #fashion
  3. #instadaily
  4. #LikesForLikes
  5. #likes
  6. #photography
  7. #instagood
  8. #instalike
  9. #PhotoOfTheDay
  10.  #bhfyp

Do you want more followers for your Instagram Business? Then try using Hashtags for likes.

Practice and apply the above hashtag rules. And, if still in doubt and need help. Feel free to contact our team at Digi Brilliance.

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