Types of Google Ads- Find out which one works for your business

types of google ads

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Let me tell you one interesting thing today that you have come across on at least a few types of Google Ads. Now, what if I told you that you have already encountered standard text ads, display ads, video ads, and ads on apps unintentionally. And did that make you wonder?


For instance, you were going through weight loss blogs, and you saw Oziva products. The annoying ads that appear while watching YouTube videos at every interval. Or the text ads that appear on the uppermost search result page. All these are, in fact, Google Ads! And they form the keystone in the digital marketing world for marketers.


So, let’s understand what Google Ads is?


Google Ads is an advertising platform provided by Google. And it was formerly famous as Google Adwords. Here, marketers and business owners can run ads in Pay Per Click (PPC) format. Also, you can bid with your competitors to show your ad at the first spot. 


Indeed, as a brand owner, you get the best platform to reach your business goals. And there is no doubt that it is the gateway where billions of visitors come to receive their queries. Consequently, Google allows 8 types of ad campaigns to reach your marketing goals.


Which Google Ads Campaign types will boost your business? Let’s learn briefly.


As mentioned, there are 8 types of google ads campaigns. They are-

  1. Search Ads- Search ads are actually text ads visible on SERP to users when they enter a query. These results are evident on the result page consisting of both organic & inorganic.


With search ads, you get the best possible way to reach your interested customers. Why? Because it is wholly based on your customer’s wants. For that reason, you don’t need to struggle to show your ads to the relevant customers. Thus, it creates a healthier chance for conversions and clicks.


  1. Display Ads- Image or display ads are best applicable when targeting for awareness of products or brands. When we talk about display ads, it comes on Google Display Networks. That is to say; it can be prominent on websites that have associated with Google. In short, websites partnered with Google allow space for ads and shows to the targeted audiences whenever they visit the websites.


Also, display ads are basically static, animated, or graphic. The first display ads came in 1994 in the form of banner ads. And since then, it has evolved with time. Now, there are 6 types of google display ads. They are-

  • Traditional Display Ads
  • Responsive Display Ads
  • Retargeting Display Ads
  • Native Ads
  • Social Ads
  • Discovery Ads


  1. Shopping Ads- Shopping ads come with product images, detailed product information, price, and seller’s name. They often appear when we search for the products that we want to purchase. Undoubtedly, they are meant for e-commerce stores to boost sales.


In order to create Google Shopping Ads, you need to have a Google Merchant Centre Account. Consequently, it lets Google know about the details of your product types.


  1. Video Ads- Video Ads are more engaging and are in trend among visitors. Moreover, video ads provide rich information and are better preferred. Searchers can find video ads on Google Partner Sites and YouTube. Brands or companies with high budgets mostly go for video ads which in turn provide great ROI. 


  1. App promotion ads- Through Google App Campaigns, you get the chance to popularize your Android or iOS apps. Here, I should tell you that the ads would appear on Google Search, YouTube, GooglePlay, and other platforms. Google’s mechanism will help to show your app promotion to the audiences inclined to your app. 


  1. Google Smart Campaigns- Smart ad campaigns are usually designed for small and average business owners. Formerly known as Adwords Express, it provides a more innovative way to create business ads. Again it also reduces the time and effort required to manage the ads. To put it another way, business owners with little knowledge about Google Ads can go for this ad campaign.


  1. Local Search Ads- Local Search Ads help your visitors to locate your business. For instance, when people make a query (“hair salons near me”) to access business locations on Google.com or Google Maps. This helps to drive more calls and visit your physical location. 


  1. Discovery Ads- Google Discovery ads incorporate absorbing images or carousels with the intent to target audiences. They generally are displayed on YouTube, G-Mail, and Google’s Discover Feeds. Google targets audiences by acquiring customers’ past searches, site visits, watched histories, and app downloads.


To this end, advertisers must set up a Discovery campaign. After that, the ad copy should be uploaded.


So, are you aiming to boost your business through Google Ads?


The above-discussed Google Ads type list will help you through it. And if you need any help with advertising for your business feel free to contact our advertising agency in Guwahati.

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