SEO Content Writing: A Beginner’s Guide

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is essential if you’re looking to get more traffic to your website and drive some kind of action from your visitors and SEO content writing is a vital aspect of this approach. To rank in search engines, you need to create content that searchers and search engines want to see. 


Ranking on Google’s SERP or other search engines might not be a cakewalk but also it’s not impossible. With the right SEO writing knowledge you will be able to rank your website or a particular web page(s) on the SERPs.


This blog will help you get started if you are a newbie and want to learn how to write SEO content.


What is SEO Content Writing?


SEO content writing refers to a content that is created and optimized to increase the online visibility of a website. The main aim of SEO content is to attract search engine traffic and improve ranking on SERPs. 


SEO content writing focuses on using the targeted word or as it is known “keywords” on the content which can improve the organic visibility of a page and also the position and ranking on search engines.


In addition to keyword optimization, SEO writers must make sure the topic they are writing about is pertinent to their intended audience as Google prefers relevant and high-quality content. SEO writing also involves finding up what people are searching for online and providing answers to their questions.


Guide to SEO Content Writing:


  • Keep Your Audience in Mind


The main objective of Google is to provide its users the most relevant results. Therefore, it is important that you provide such content that interests your audience. The content must address the concerns or questions of readers in your target market. The more people look to your website for information the more search engines will identify your website as a leader in your field and give you a nice boost. 


  •  Well Structured Post


It is important to give your audiences the best possible reading experience and for that you need to properly structure your post so that it is simple for people to comprehend and read easily. Some of the tips that you can follow for a well-structured post are-

  • Breaking down the long paragraphs into smaller paragraphs
  • Adding Subheadings 
  • Don’t add unnecessarily to the word count 
  • Use a language that is easily understandable


  •  Adding Images to your SEO Writing:


Adding images related to your content is a part of SEO writing.  Not only it makes your content engaging but also helps in ranking in image search.  Be it a product image, featured image, or illustration, it helps readers grasp what you are conveying to them. Visuals attract people and images are also a type of content so it is important to consider them in your SEO content writing. Alt text needs to be added as well to explain what the image is about.


  •  Avert Keyword Stuffing:


When you stuff your content with the same words repeatedly, it is known as keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing defeats the objective of content, which is to inform and engage your audience. Google penalizes sites that have keyword stuffing and may even eliminate that page from its results completely in order to help higher quality material rank better. It is better to concentrate on a single main keyword i.e the primary keyword and a few related keywords i.e secondary keywords. Your website’s pages or blogs should focus on one primary keyword that fits the search intent of users. The ideal primary keyword is one that is frequently searched for and which you want to rank.


  •  Making the Content Unique:


The content you create should offer something distinctive and be able to stand out from the competition. Give a unique perspective or opinion to your content which catches the attention of the readers and keep them engaged.  As an SEO writer you need to go into more detail, and offer alternatives regarding the content that is already available. By doing this, you can draw in a larger audience and make it simple for your content to appear on SERPs.


  • Meta Information


A meta description and meta tags are necessary for every content. This enables search engines to present a brief summary of the content you have published. You will also require a title tag, which will serve as the page’s title and it should not be more than 70 characters and the meta description should not be more than 160 characters.


Tools for SEO Content Writing:


Below are some of the best online tools that you can take help of for writing SEO friendly content:


  • Google Keyword Planner

  • BuzzSumo

  • Answer the Public

  • Yoast SEO

  • Grammarly

  • Keyword Density Checker

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