6 Major Warning Signs of a Bad SEO Companies

Bad seo companies

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Keeping your business away from bad SEO Companies is a must to expand your business digitally. You are promoting your business on the online platform; that’s excellent! But, wait a sec, how to know if your SEO Company is working in the right direction. To make the job easier for you, we are sharing the crucial signs that can harm your brand. 


It’s no longer a secret that online business is incomplete without the support of a Digital Marketing Agency. Understanding this, many SEO companies may try to deceive you and loot all your bank balance. Hence knowing these threatening symptoms can save your company.


  • Making you hopeful for the 1st spot

You might get tempted with this hypnotizing line “we will take you to the no. 1 spot.” But, it would help if you take it as a wake-up call. Why? Let me explain to you; first of all, it’s all an unrealistic assertion. Secondly, there is huge competition in the market, and it doesn’t remain stable. 


Moreover, Google keeps updating its algorithms every other day. And the slightest changes in the content affect the ranking factor. You should know that it takes lots of patience and effort to enjoy the no. 1 spot. Therefore if any advertising agency makes such a statement, you should know that it is included among the list of the bad SEO Companies.


  • They want to have access to your Data or Logins

If your SEO provider wants to have full command of your data and logins, you should think about it twice. It would be best if you understood how alarming it could be.


That can even create a controversial situation for you. Suppose you change your mind working with the agency. And more than that, if the agency is fraudulent, they will hold your data. Just to keep the contract going.


As a result, you have to face legal arguments. It might take months and years to settle the issue. Lately, you will be left with no choice than getting new logins and credentials. Hence, it would be wise to do proper scrutiny before proceeding with the contract.


  • They only talk about themselves 

If your marketing agency/consultant keeps on babbling on their accomplishments, then consider it as a warning sign. In fact, they can’t be counted as a professional SEO agency.  The success story of any business, company or agency is made up of trials, errors & failures. For that reason, they must keep everything transparent. 


Just getting to the tip of the iceberg is a risky thing. Rather dig into the whole story and save from the harmful consequences. 


  • Your contract is wholly based on a transactional basis

This forms the basis of your further proceedings. Pay attention to where the pitching was focused on. Basically, this will determine whether you want to work with the agency or not.


A healthy and professional advertising agency will tell you what they can do to grow your business. On the other hand, those looking only for profits would only speak about how much it would cost for the service they provide.


You should rather choose a partner who is going to stand with you in every situation. Rather than a retailer who will give you a headache with monthly bills without any valuable service.


  • Outdated Case Studies

Suppose the agency is bragging on a few selected case studies to you. That’s not justified. Google’s algorithm keeps changing frequently, and what worked in 2012 won’t work in 2021. You should realize this and take the matter a little deeper. In other words, ask for the recent data. 


  • Contract-based on one-time fixes with no maintenance

Working on a website and optimizing it is not an one-time process. By all means, it requires a long time investment. With many competitors in the market, the competition keeps fluctuating. Even if you were partnering with a good agency and brought you in the 1st position, still you can’t relax. It doesn’t guarantee a long-term stable result. 


For example, when Google updated that the ranking factor would depend on mobile compatibility, those who failed to meet the demand couldn’t rank their website. Therefore, it’s necessary and recommended to partner for at least one year to achieve the desired result. Or else they would just extract the profit out of you.

So, are you planning to give your brand an online identity? And stuck on how to do Digital Marketing? Then feel free to contact our team at Digi Brilliance, a result-oriented digital marketing agency in Guwahati.

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