How to earn money from Instagram?

How to earn money from Instagram

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There’s no doubt Instagram is one of the sought-after social media apps, and people are spying on how to earn money from Instagram. Initially, Instagram was popular as a photo-sharing app. But in recent years it has evolved more as a significant marketing tool. Hence, influencers and entrepreneurs are exploiting this social networking platform.


Instagram comes in the top 4 most used Social Media Apps. Currently, it has 1.386 billion users worldwide. Moreover in India Instagram has gained more popularity after Tik Tok was banned in 2020. 


Here, I am sharing 6 fundamental ways on how to make money on Instagram?


  • Boost affiliate connections


Affiliate marketing accompanies tons of benefits for brands and business owners. And, of course, there are a good number of affiliate networks to do the work. To explain you can collaborate with – according to the niche of your business.


It’s important to mention here that being an affiliate on Instagram has its own pros and cons. To explain, Instagram permits clickable links only on bio and not anywhere else. And for that purpose, the best way is to use promo codes. Joining affiliate programs like Shareasale, Pepperjam, Rakuten, AWIN, etc. is the best way. Moreover, you can also connect with independent affiliate networks by searching – COMPANY + affiliate programs.


  • Go for Instagram Shop


If your business deals with sales the best way is to start an Instagram shop. The first step is opening an Instagram business account and designing a product catalog. Also features of Instagram like Stories, Shop Tab and Explore Tab helps.


This method is just so easy. For eg, if you own a jewelry store, what you require is simply to upload your product images. Apart from this the platform also allows promoting of products through Videos and Stories. Besides, there’s the option to tag your products on Instagram.


  • IGTV Ads


Thinking about how to get paid on Instagram? Try IGTV Ads, as it’s a powerful method to earn profits. IGTV Ads allow creators to earn money for the content that they produce. The number of views on your products decides how much you earn, through Monetizable Plays. You can create 55 percent of the income per view on your ads per month. 


  • Be an Instagram Coach/Guru


There goes out a famous line – “Sharing is caring”. It exactly implies here, you share your knowledge and ideas and in return, your followers gain the knowledge that they are seeking. To which you get the opportunity to monetize your account.


Some famous examples, to mention here are Jay Shetty, Tony Robbins, Garry Vaynerchuk, etc.


  • Fan Membership


One way to think about how to earn money on Instagram is by giving away rewards to your subscribers. Patreon allows creators on Instagram to have a monthly income. To say in one word, Patreon is a membership platform wherein artists can yield interest effortlessly.


  • Turn your photo-sharing hobby into an earning source


If you have a knack for photography and have amazing content on travel, foods, or your cute pets, then don’t just post. Try to monetize your content. To put it another way, Instagram provides a world of opportunities to fuel income. So, what remains for you is to grab it and utilize it as a money-making machine.


  • Empowering your photographs and videos


Another method of opening the door to earn is through Instagram licensing your images and videos. To rephrase it, as a creator you can allow a brand to opt for your photos or videos. And in return, you get paid for it.


Nevertheless, it comes with complications as well. There are certain policies set by Instagram and you have to follow them.


So, are you planning how to earn money from Instagram?


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